Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I procrastinated working on my dissertation by going to Munich, Vienna, and Salzburg.
A nice view of Munich from the top of St. Peter's church.
The fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. It rained the whole day we were there which made it pretty with the mist and clouds.
The view from the Neuschwanstein of a nearby castle and village.
So pretty
Another view where you can see the lake.
Salzburg's main shopping street.
The house where Mozart was born.
A convent founded in the 700's. This is where the real Maria von Trapp was a novice nun. Still a working nunnery today.
This made me laugh. There was a whole tour group being taken around. Gob would have been so proud.
A view of Salzburg from the fort.
One of the villas by the river.
This is the bridge the kids dance in The Sound of Music
The lake and house used in parts of the Sound of Music. Salzburg gets 2 million tourists a year, 300,000 of which come just for the Sound of Music sights.
One of the two gazebos used in the film with my cute guide. There's another gazebo that is bigger and open so the film crew could fit. This was actually on the set in California, but when people started coming to see the gazebo they shipped it over.
The lake district. The nearby mountains are where the opening and closing shots were filmed.
The Marabel Gardens where part of Do Re Mi was filmed
A garden in Vienna. Out of all the cities I've been in, without a doubt, Vienna is the most beautiful.
The cemetery where I went to find all the famous composers. It was lovely
It took forever, but we finally found the musicians corner. Beethoven is buried there along with Strauss, Brahms, Schubert, and Mozart.
The old-fashioned stove in my hotel room
Schonbrunn Palace. It was here that a 5 year old Mozart played for the Queen Maria Teresa and then jumped on her lap and hugged her.

The back of the palace and the gardens.
The city of Vienna.

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  1. I'm totally jealous!! Sound of music is one of my very favorite movies...(just ask mike :) I love all the songs and the scenery is beautiful. That is great that you got to tour the sites from that movie.